Through the information on this page you can begin the process of selling your real estate in the Columbia River Gorge. Links include email forms to describe the property you want to sell and communication channels you wish to use. You can view a sample property listing agreement and the Washington State Law of Real Estate Agency. To help you set a price on your property there are links to javascript calculators to determine mortgage qualification or to generate an amortization tables and monthly payments for a variety of conditions you define. While we are located in Goldendale, Washington, I and my associates service Washington State real estate accounts from Glenwood, Klickitat and Lyle to Bickleton, Roosevelt and Alderdale.


Let's get started now

Contact Information: Phone/Fax/E-mail Online Form:

Good lines of communication can become crucially important when making arrangements to show your property or when an offer to buy is received.

Follow the link below to open up the communication lines. With this form you can provide as much or little information as you feel comfortable with.

Try it, it's kind of fun.

Use this form to let me know how and where to contact you, and I will call, fax or e-mail as you wish.



Property Description Form:

Follow the link below to fill out a form describing the property you want to sell.

Provide as much information as you can.


If you are not ready to fill out the form just yet, may I suggest: print a copy, fill in as much information as you are able, then fax, mail or bring it with you when we eventually get to meet.



Property Listing Agreement

Follow the link below to look over a sample of the Standard Property Listing Agreement currently used by Get Real Estate.


Commission Rates:

Standard Commission Rates: Get Real Estate

Homes 7% of gross sale price
Undeveloped Land 10% of gross sale price
Commercial 10% of gross sale price

Canceling a Listing Agreement:

A listing agreement can be canceled by mutual agreement.

Get Real Estate and I will pay, in advance, for advertising and promotion of your property. If we are unable to sell the property we do not expect to be reimbursed for these expenses. We do, however, expect a fair opportunity to get responses on our advertising and to be paid if we find a buyer ready, and able, to meet the terms defined in our standard Property Listing Agreement.

You may, after signing a listing agreement, change your mind about selling your property. If we haven't invested a lot of money and effort, and there is no funny business going on, it is unfortunate, but not a problem.

However, if we do make the investment to market your property, and deliver a buyer meeting the terms of the agreement, and you then choose not to sell your property, we may still be entitled to payment. In other words, if you change your mind, let us know as soon as possible.


Positioning Your Property in the Market

Use the JavaScript Mortgage Qualifier to see how much income a potential buyer would need to have in order to purchase your property at a given price. Keep in mind that, a higher price, has a smaller potential market.

Use the JavaScript Amortization Report to see how different sale prices, down payments, interest rates, and number of monthly payments affect the size of the monthly payment and the total interest paid.

The Amortization Report also generates a custom amortization table.

Use the JavaScript Closing Cost Estimate to get an idea about the return on a sale after all, or most, costs are deducted.

Use the Selective Listings Search to compare your property with other listings.


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